Course aims and program


The International Master Disaster Management aims to train managers able to anticipate and manage major crises which can have health and environmental consequences for the affected countries. It will allow students to deepen their knowledge base by integrating an international dimension on large-scale crises. It also incorporates the emergency humanitarian concept that is organized in crisis situations, usually conflicts or natural disasters. The Master International DAMAGE rests on two pillars : risk analysis and crisis management. The students will incorportate update competences and skills enabling? to assess the on-site risks (risk analysis methods), to propose solutions for risk reduction, preparedness planning, and to evaluate the vulnerability.

At the end of the cursus, students will be able to critically analyze :

  • ??? the different types of risks and their potential consequences.
  • ??? the technical, human and organizational vulnerabilities that affect (eg individuals and companies ability to return to a normal situation)
  • ??? human perception that influences the risk assessment


Over two academic years (three semesters), the master is 120 ECTS credits. Practical training courses (offered by professionalists) are representing 90 credits. The year M1 is constituted by the UE1 to UE 6, year M2 consists of UE7 to UE10.?A Master internship (6 months) is representing 30 credits.

Dowload progam

1Risk Assessment Methods?
2Management of humanitarian emergencies?
2Social Sciences?
4Personal development module?
5Health emergencies?
6?Science and Technology Communication?
7?Information Technology?
8Personal Development Module?
9Project management?
10Master internship?


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